Some Fun Facts of Animals That You May Not Know

If you are thinking of Halloween, you would picture the images of the bats, the witches, pumpkins and black cats. But, you are familiar with them? You must test the knowledge you have on such special kind of felines with these fifteen fun facts regarding them. Visit the trivia bliss website to get started.

One is that to the ancient Egyptians, the cats are lucky, sacred and helpful. They would symbolize the goddess of protection which was the head of a cat and named Bastet. Click here o check out the questions database.

Know that on the Middle Ages, the people from Europe linked the black cats with witchcraft. Those single and elderly individuals or women who took care of those wandering little felines were mistaken for witches and the cats were the accomplices.

Also, it is a fun fact to know that a black cat which crosses your path is considered a good luck in the areas of England and Ireland as opposed to what you believe. Also, in the English Midlands of Great Britain, know that it is actually a good luck to offer a cat to the bride. Also, there are those who believe that when a strange black cat would arrive at your home in Scotland, such means that you could hit a jackpot, signifying prosperity.

Know that in Germany, if the cat would cross your path from left going right, then such is a good sign but when it is the other way around, then such would mean bad luck.

Also, you should know that it can be more challenging if you are a pirate. When there is a black cat that is approaching you, such would mean bad luck. When this would walk away, then you are considered lucky. If the little cat would walk to the ship and it changes the mind and then it leaves, then such means that you must get off the ship because this means that such is going to sink.

For the fishermen and their wives, they think that the black cats symbolize good luck. Because of this reason, they would let them stay in their boats or homes. A lot of people couldn't afford to purchase the cats because they are really expensive.

You must also know that the black cats are either male or female. However, most of them are males.

Well, there are many other fun facts on cats and other animals that you must know which can amuse you.